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Posted on May 25, 2010 at 1:36 AM Comments comments (1)

The high today was 96. What the hell for? It was so hot. I hate hot. I posted on FB that my ideal weather would be any range from 45 - 75. Maybe 80 if it isn't humid as hell. But I don't like 95 degree weather. There's no good reason for it to be so effin hot. I was sweaty and annoyed. And then Shakese had a softball game today...so we say out in the blazing sun for 90 minutes hot as hell.

I feel kinda sick. Yesterday I had this weird pain in my chest. Well, not like pain, pain. But like a weird ache. And now I'm dizzy, but maybe I'm just sleepy. I shouldn't be awake at 12:41 a.m. I should be asleep. Tomorrow I have to finish my reaction I'm working on. I was all set to leave the lab today by 3 to beat the kids home. Well, when I ran my sample through the rotator/extractor some weird shit happened man. It was all clumpy; it shouldn't be clumpy. We think it's due to all the moisture in the air. At any rate, I asked his ass if we should run it through a filter.  I knew that would not remove all of the NaBr but it would've gotten rid of the bulk of it. So, he had me filtering through this tiny ass 0.45 micrometer filter and that shit took over an hour to get through half of it. So when he sees it's taking forever, he suggests filtering, which removed a boatload of NaBr. I wanted to karate chop him. Long story short I did not leave the lab until after 5. Which meant it was rush hour. I Do.Not.Do.Traffic. I have serious road rage. I get really irritated. Plus the car is all iffy...something funky is going on with the cooling system overall, and the air probably needs servicing before it works. So it was hot as hell. I had to come in and take a shower before we went to the game only to sweat like crazy anyway.

Plus, I stayed up til almost 10 doing Shakese's hair last night. She had bangs and a ponytail. Yeah. Not after 96 degrees plus who-knows-what-the-hell humidity. She came back with an afro puff -- angry thoughts.

I'm sleepy :-/

130 days!!!!


Posted on May 1, 2010 at 11:02 PM Comments comments (4)

I admit to my tendencies to be judgmental. I know that I can be harsh and critical at times. I admit that I'm not the most forgiving person. I've tried very hard to get better at giving the benefit of the doubt; and to check myself when I start going all judgmental...

But...shit like this is when I bump head with my sister. She called early and ask where Kese was. Kese had stayed over at her Big's house and would be home around noon. She asked me to bring her over so that Kese could help with the garage sale. Fine. We get there and my sister wasn't home (and there are 3 additional kids there). But my niece said she had left to go make signs and "mom said she's on her way back". This is around 2:00. Shakese calls me a little after 8 and says she's ready to come home. I get there at around 9 and the kids are alone. She never came back to the house. That's at least 7 hours and probably pushing 10 hours if you add the time before I got there and after I left.

That drives me up the fucking wall. And is the reason that my kids couldn't go over there without me for a long time. DO NOT ASK FOR MY KIDS TO COME OVER IF YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE THEM ALL IN THE HOUSE ALONE. A run here and there is fine. A couple of hours are fine. Ki is 16. But all damn day is unacceptable. And they don't have any food. So now it's 9 something and my kid is hungry plus 6 more kids. I can't leave 6 kids in the house hungry. So I go and get them something to eat and take it back...still not there.

Just some stupid ass shit...

Pardon My French, sil vous plait

Posted on September 8, 2009 at 8:08 PM Comments comments (0)

This deadbeat ass, no job having, kids all over the damn place having motherf- whew! The kids 'father' has sent me about $1,000 this summer. That's great. I told him his kids appreciate it. Now, let's hilight some points here: he hasn't been employed pretty much since MJ was 1. He worked for awhile 3 years ago and I received my $181.20 every 2 weeks. Great. But he soon quit that job. I haven't received a dime in 3 years before this summer (after I went OFF on his ass) and he's just over $30,000 behind in child support JUST for my kids! Not including his other 2. He said he'd send $500 before school for supplies & clothes...he sent $200. Today he called to send the other $300. This dumbass asshole (yeah, I know) asked me about forgiving my CS arrears. Uhmm....you got about $20K you want to give me now? Sure! Just do your lame ass a favor? Hell no! Why would I do that? Because of a grand?? A thousand fucking dollars in exchange for 30 thousand?? Right. So, he was just ON my phone AS IF I had minutes to waste talking to him!!! I looked on the phone and it had been 20 minutes! I hung up. LOL!!! And then the dumbass asshole text me and said I should let him get custody of the kids while I'm in school! Kiss my black ass!!!!! Custody? Yeah right. More like, if I have them I can get out of owing you anything. Like I'd send my damn kids to him. Please.