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Posted on September 12, 2010 at 12:25 AM

I haven't blogged in who knows how long. So, its best to make a list :) And, I'm counting down! I'm going to try to post once a day until THEE day, we'll see.


1) School started this week. I heart my Prof for my Chem E course. He chose a textbook and lo & behold - he actually teaches from the book! Its a friggin miracle!! I know what's going on!

2) My Prof for Orgo has a weird accent. I don't know what she's saying sometimes. Plus, the class is in the new ($7.5 Million) building and I think the lecture hall is laid out very weirdly. Its "long". Much better to have a "shorter" room with theater style seating. So, the whiteboard stretches like 50 ft across the room!

3) I'm not going to like MatLab

4) Biology of Sex is too off the chain. Plus, its still bio. I hate bio. And I'm the only brown person in my lab section. There aren't even any Asians, etc! A whole bunch of 19 year old white kids named MacKenzie & Justin...

5) Calc. Oh boy. Why someone would like to learn calculus with a whole bunch of variables is beyond me. What's wrong with one? Single variable calc is a PITA. And the prof is a psychopath.

6) I hate being a hairy monster-type lady. Its not fair. My mom isn't hairy...hell, my dad isn't! But I do remember my mom's mom ALWAYS carrying a razor with her and randomly shaving; I feel her pain. But then...I guess things could be worse. I'd rather be hairy than stupid. I mean, right?? I'm thinking it'd be a helluva lot worse to be dumb. I dunno...

7) My stomach hurts. Today I had coffee, a big ass asiago cheese bagel, some peanut m&m's, popcorn, and a handful of fries from McDonald's. This is the second day I had no real food. Now I'm eyeballing this soda-water mix with the evil eye.

8 ) MJ did awesome at his game today. He got kicked or something in the chest, and I was about ready to clothesline a 10 year old, but he was ok. He played well and he scored the winning TD. Take that Orono! (They totally didn't play St. Louis Park...)

9) Today, the movie theatre guy looked at Shakese as he asked "both kids under 12?". HELL yes! I'm not paying $9 for her!

10) I'm getting married in like a few weeks! Oh my friggin goodness! Wooooohooooooooo!!!

11)Wedding planning is not for me. I like planning (some). I like when people do what they should do. So I don't like planning stuff that I can't control. And people are retarded. And I hope I don't make a dash to the Hennepin County District court in the next few days.

12) I have awesome friends. And they're very prettiful too!

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Reply Bek
8:42 PM on September 13, 2010 
I love lists!

A few things that may or may not be related to the above.

1. I've never had a class in one of those large lecture rooms. Mostly because I went to I went to a small private college and because after Sophomore year I was working full time during the day and stalking Nate at work.

2. You are getting married in a couple of weeks. I have to write some words to say... I'm going to go full on sap :-)

3. If you do go to the courthouse, just give me enough notice so I can fly Delta (heyyyyy first class) in my dress and be there.
Reply singlemamadrama
6:51 PM on September 17, 2010 
1. Stalking works
2. Sap is going to make me snot my face and that ain't cool man
3. **First class** I can hold out 2 weeks. Stupid school will take care of that