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Posted on August 19, 2010 at 10:48 AM

So, everyone in the free world is probably acutely aware of the fact that Shakese begins junior high this fall. Yes, theoretically, I knew this day would come. But...

I remember going to Curtis elem. and having them talk to my parents about how "bright" I was. I remember them oohing and ahhing over my Iowa test scores (hahaha! remember the Iowa tests?!?). I remember starting junior high. I remember the awkwardness of it all. Being the little fish in the big pond. Being majorly exposed to girls and their evil, catty ways (why, WHY?!?!? and WHERE?!?!? do girls learn this behavior?!). 

So, apparently, to begin 7th grade you need a tetanus booster. They kept saying chickenpox too but I am always on top of doctor/dentist appts for us and couldn't believe she wasn't up to date. Well, she was, I just hadn't updated the school (SO?!). Because she's also, err, officially 'in transition' to womanhood (this saves the almost-dad any stress; I think), they wanted to check iron levels too. Cue the finger poke. O.M.G. I was cringing. I hate shots. I hate needles with a burning passion. And, the chick didn't even coax her into it! I don't know if it's because Shakese was bigger than she was or what, but she just grabbed her damn finger and BAM! Shakese looked like she'd gotten shot! Poor baby. And I know that the tetanus shots hurt like a mofo too so I held her hand and tried to get her to stop looking at the lady; but still she cried. And once again, she was like 8 months old. She really is just a baby. Never mind that she's 65 1/2 inches tall (WTF?). 

Oh wait, she is in the 97th percentile for height and the 50th for weight. And get this........the 25th for BMI! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

I picked up her school schedule (SCHEDULE!). They have this retarded set up of A/B days. And it rotates each week. So one week M, W, F are 'A' days and the next week M, W, F are 'B' days. Foolishness. This first quarter she has:

1st period: French (A); Pre-algebra (B)


2nd period: English (A); Social Studies (B)

3rd period: Study (A); Cadet band (B)

4th period: Family & Consumer Science (A); Science (B)

Yesterday she had WEB (we all belong) day where she got hooked up with a 9th grade buddy who showed her around. She was able to meet the kids that will be in Homebase with her (she knows like half of them).  

Soon, the day will come when I'll be dropping her off to college; It's not too far off...


We mailed out like 60 invites for a total of about 150 people. After having to explain to several people that their "1" means just them; not an additional guest. And that no, they can't invite Cousin Fill-in-the-Blank. And that no, we don't know who else is driving...My cousin invited his mother (related to my father via marriage and who I have NO relationship with); but I decided not to fuss because their 2 oldest kids will be away at college so we're still -1 for their family. My aunt invited her daughter and 3 grandkids which I haven't said anything yet because that came through the grapevine; I will be calling her tonight. My uncle sent back a blank reply card but wrote his phone number on it. :-) And a friend who is getting married in September (!) didn't reply yet chided me yesterday about not returning my card yet to their wedding (!). Their rsvp date is like Sept 1. I was purposely holding it to see if they would rsvp on time for mine! That's wrong, I know :-O


We have 63 confirmed guests (+ our family of 6). This makes me pretty happy. There are maybe 8-10 that are almost certain to be "yes's". We wanted under 75 and I was secretly hoping for closer to 50-55. We've contacted some people twice with not response either way, so we added to them to the not attending list. We still plan on sending our "Sorry you can't make it!" email next week. We have to place our food order by September 1st dammit!

Shakese was sooooo excited to see all of the random craft related tools I've acquired this summer. We have one project done and a couple more underway. Plus she's all about folding the cootie catchers :)

Bridal extravanganzaaaaa was this past weekend and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have good people. Some people have no people, or sucky people. And I, *ME*, I have amazing people!!!!!

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