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Spontaneous Combustion

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Don't ask...ok...from the first time I learned the term & what it meant, I was fascinated. 

Anyway, I've spontaneously cried like 7 times. I hate estrogen. Eve is a witch. There's no good reason for a somewhat reasonable woman to become a retarded mound of mangled emotions nearly EVERY 28 days. Stupid as hell.


I've come up with several fun (at least to me), cute (at least to me), ideas for the wedding. And most for the cost of paper & ink. Ok, so ink isn't cheap, but still. When I started the wedding planning, it was a shock to find out the prices people pay for things. So then it came to be all about the craftiness of it all. Its not "oh, I *have* to do that" its "oh, that's going to be FUN to make!" :) I love being creative and it's one of the things that has been severely stifled since I've been a mom. Hey, I'm not blaming the kids, just that what you WANT to do and what you NEED to do really don't add up MOST of the time (which is probably true of adulthood period)...

And I like having fun! I don't have a stuffy bone in my body & there's no way I could pull of a formal wedding ;-) I'm excited!


I've been meaning to blog about all the celebs that I dislike. Leading the list, through no fault of her own, is Zoe Saldana. I liked her when she first debuted. I don't think she's a bad actress (though she's starting to become Jen Aniston). But I'm so annoyed that she's the IT "black actress". Her ass isn't black! I love my latino/a peoples but maaaaan. She's gotten a ton of roles cast for a black woman. May we please put a black woman in SOME of these roles?!??

Jen Aniston? Please. Stop. If I see one more whiny-ass date movie starring her, I'm going to slit my wrists. Gabrielle Union - ugh.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a big ass forhead and is generally irritating.

Tom Cruise dude, you're a leprechaun.

Ben Affleck, I will jump off a bridge before I watch a movie with him in it.

I know there are many more but that's it...for now...

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Reply Bek
9:31 PM on August 10, 2010 
It occurred to me just now that in 7 weeks, you're going to have to rename your site.

I spontaneously cry all the time, all the time! Which is stupid because I don't even like feelings.

Maybe you could have craft days with the kids to both occupy them and scratch your creativity itch.

Who doesn't like having fun? Those people are sickos!

Zoe is Dominican and Puerto Rican... the same slave ships that dropped off our ancestors went to what is now the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Same thing in Puerto Rico although more of the Spanish/Indian bloodline was maintained there. So "technically" she's black although not Non-Hispanic black. If Idris can be "black" and he's really a Brit then I think Zoe can be too. (My argument is based on principal more than Zoe, I totally don't know her.)

Jen Aniston should find Angelina Jolie and beat her like she grew up on 47th... this is totally unrelated to her acting.

Ben Affleck used to be the ish... then J Lo's ass killed his career. Literally it was her behind that did it. State of Play was actually pretty good - although he was more of a supporting actor.