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Posted on July 22, 2010 at 12:13 AM Comments comments (2)

Not that kind...

Today, I was all set (or so I thought) to do some sort of chop on my hair. But like many other times, I was under the spell of it's short-term cooperativeness. It's freshly relaxed, and I don't hate it. But I knew that the bad feelings would return. Especially when I ran my fingers through it -well, almost- and it tangled; a direct result of many split ends. My hair is verrrrrry fine so damage shows quite clearly. Well, I got to MasterCuts and ended up telling her to cut away the damaged hair but retain as much length as possible. I've become attached to my hair. This is very likely because I'm lazy and it's ponytail/bun length. I like ponytails and buns. Once upon a time, I had this elusive thing called free time, and I'd actually do my hair, go to the salon, etc (oh, let's not forgive the ever diminishing, and probably fake all along, extra money).  Anyway, I'm glad I did it.



I don't know why Webs isn't allowing me to resize the pics...I always resize the pics. And I hate trying to use iPhoto to do it because I always have to re-figure out the damn thing so...anyway...

Definitely 'scragglier" before. And now it looks much fuller and thicker and healthier. I think I lost like 4-5 inches in the back to make me not have a mullet, but it was worth it. And I let her put a few layers in. People often mistakenly think fine-haired folks should get lots of layers. But for me it just ends up looking real bare. I'm looking forward to my next roller set, it ought to be pretty. oooooh, and the black rinse. SHINY!

edited to add: I love tank tops. I think I own like 30 tank tops...

My adventures in wedding planning

Posted on July 19, 2010 at 5:46 PM Comments comments (5)

Today I came up with a big ass list of things that need to be completed by October 2nd. In my head there were like 12 things; on paper there are like 72 things. And even though my handsome fiancé enjoys making biiiiig fun of me, I really need to knock some of this stuff off the list. A lot is weighed towards the end. A lot depends on how many people are there and who those people are. Other things are less vital but can be done and put away, so why not take care of them?? Plus, I'll be less free come September 7th. I have to find a way to stay focused on everything. My class schedule is pretty tight this fall & I can't afford to screw up. I'm on probation from Spring. My plan worked 1/2 as well as I wanted. I got 2 B's but I bombed the other two classes. There's NO room for that. My financial aid package sucks ass & I'll probably be on the hook for some tuition this year :( I need to get some scholarships man!

So anyway, back to wedding planning. Flowers. I've looked at tons of silks and none really make me happy. Except this hydrangeas I bought for decorating the head table. They're really pretty & don't look fake, especially in a vase. But otherwise its going to be real flowers for the bouquet, bouttonnieres (sp?), corsages, etc. I am HOPING that farmers market is still happening around that time in Asheville (I need to make some calls). Plan B calls for a Sam's or Costco membership. One of them has a nice array of white flowers for like $90. I don't really want to spend $90 but I mean...we'll see. And, I've heard that Super Wal-Mart has a nice floral section as well. I've practiced making bouttonneires (I swear that's wrong AND I don't know how to say it...) twice using silks and I think I'm good enough to do them myself. I'll practice corsages for the girls as well. Maybe make a pretty flower pin they can wear in their hair...but I'd better not go too overboard on the girly with Kese. Makayla will suck it up. Flowers. Tiaras. Sparkly. She'd love it ALL :)


a messageboard I stalk - I mean follow - has great tips and ideas and how-to's. But there's also rampant foolishness. Like the woman who said their stationery costs $2K total. Excuse me, but, TWO mother-effin THOUSAND US DOLLARS on paper?!?? WTF? I sure hope they're having 2000 guests or something...

Hmmm, and then there's the lady that is doubting if this guy is a good photog because he *only* charges $500 for wedding coverage. Assholes and their belief that higher cost = higher value...screwing everything up.

Oh, another good one, a lady posted concerned that their venue isn't going to look expensive enough. She wants people to lament that the venue *looks* expensive. Oh, after she got blasted she changed it to "it costs a lot and they just want their moneys worth" but we know the truth... And a clincher, the bride who's afraid that her overweight sis-in-law, who is a bridesmaid, is going to "mess up" her pictures. I wanted to find her and stick a pencil in her eye... Yeah. The Groom thinks I'm going to have a bridezilla moment at some point. I doubt it. But, until then we'll have fun with the teasing :)

Respondez s'il vous plait

Posted on July 13, 2010 at 10:08 AM Comments comments (5)

Respond if you please...Please respond...Tell me whether or not you are coming!!!!!

I have a couple of wedding related sites that I stalk. Martha Stewart has awesome tips :-p But, when I saw the many complaints surrounding rsvp's, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't be convinced that something so simple as "yes or no" could get so complicated.

Let me backtrack a bit. I understand that people have to check schedules, account for kids, or a spouse unable to travel, or pets, etc. I understand that the wedding isn't the center of the guests' life; however (you saw that coming), people don't usually request a response by, like tomorrow. Usually it's weeks out. Presumably, if you're invited, you're aware of things even before you receive an invite (not always but sometimes). And then, some of these brides & grooms even CALL people after the rsvp date has come & gone to ask if they're coming! And some still don't give a straight answer or never respond! And some people actually show up without ever having responded! What?!?

This will not be a good look for anyone on October 2nd. Really. No rsvp, no go. We've had someone respond via my mom (never mind the self-addressed stamped envelope we included -- I want my $.44 back). She also invited a guest with her. Errr, no. Someone else wants to bring their boyfriend who wasn't invited. Others are confused by the "click on the link" part :( 

***Mama is excused. LOL!!!! Today she sent a 4 sentence email instead of responding online. Friggin hilarious! And still others have responded online without incident or mailed their response card back. This will be an interesting month.

In other news, I'm really looking forward to taco's later (is that wrong considering its 9 am?). And to seeing A Streetcar Named Desire tomorrow at the Guthrie! Wooohoooo!!!!

Too many feelings

Posted on July 5, 2010 at 11:29 PM Comments comments (2)

Its hard to believe 4 days passed since that last post. Sheesh. Saturday was wedding shopping extravaganza. Well, so was Sunday & Monday. Saturday we left home at 10 am and returned around 9 pm. Today we left at 9 am and came back at like 2 pm. I've been to JoAnn's like 4 times and to Michael's like 9 times. We went to Men's Warehouse twice. We got dresses for the girls (at a really good price (final sale) BUT I screwed up and picked up the wrong size which, hopefully the alterations lady is a beast and can make them fit. We got his wedding band. Stationery for the programs. 7413 yards of ribbon. All sorts of stuff. And I FINALLY got the invites done. They're going out tomorrow.


Other stuff...Last night, my friend lost her 16 year old son to a random shooting. There was a crowd of kids gathered shooting off fireworks. A car did a random drive by and he got shot in the chest. 16. A great kid. No gangs, drugs, foolishness. And he's dead. I don't understand how a mom is supposed to hold a funeral for her little boy. I don't know how a mom us supposed to go into her son's room and know he's never coming back. I really don't know how the hell you cope. What happens on future 4th of July's? That's going to be a tough funeral for me. I've only been to 2 funerals of people close enough to me for me to feel pain. I'm kind of scared. I have a lot of feelings right now and I'm not accustomed to feeling this way. :-/

What sort of person calls themself a blogger...

Posted on July 1, 2010 at 11:11 PM Comments comments (1)

And allows nearly a month to go by without doing so?! I can't believe it's been that long! There's too much stuff to go through at this point...so hilights - letsgo!

  • I love the kids. All of em. They are smart and personable and good kids. However, Xcel Energy sent this bill in the mail for $116.04. I can't understand why I would ever pay Xcel Energy $116.04. The prior two months it was around $40. Damn kids.
  • I have my wedding gown!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I didn't try it on because I've only lost like 3lbs but it's also 'that time' and I really gain like 5 or 6 lbs of water weight and so uhmm, yeah. I didn't want to be depressed. I'm not touching the thing until I a) by my undergarment. Hopefully a comfy long-line bra/bustier/corset thing and b) until after I'm past the uber bloated stage. It's friggin gorgeous!
  • Something strange happened with my BOA debit card today. I am usually very dilligent about using my card, etc because I've been hacked before. The only places I've used the thing recently was placing orders on Etsy.com and USPS.com (USPS has cool wedding stamps - because of course our invite is like 1.4 oz or something and needs additional postage. They have wedding bands for the $.44 stamp but the $.17 stamp is a ram. A blue ram. WTF?). Where was I? Oh. So, then I get a call from a random number in Syracuse, NY saying there's "suspicious" activity on my account. I call BOA and all seemed well until he asked me for my full check card number. Not terrible, but if I just gave you my checking account number, why do you need the bankcard number? When I wouldn't provide that he committed the ultimate sin; he asked for my SSN. The only place I give my full SSN to over the phone is the IRS. I hung up on him and then received a text message telling me to call another random number right away. All ended well, but it was kinda freaky.
  • We love our kids; I'm for real, we do. But they had to go. Really, they did. We left Mpls at 3:45 p.m. on Friday and after driving one million miles with stops in Chicago and KY, we arrived in Charlotte on Saturday at about 3:30 p.m. (central) - 24 hour trip. We left Charlotte at about 12:15 p.m. (central) and after driving one million more miles with stops in Candler (near Asheville) and Lake Junaluska, we arrived home at about 10:00 a.m. Sunday. That was an ignorant ass trip. But it served its purpose.
  • Speaking of...we ordered our wedding cake! I love the southern (nice) people. Waynette of 'Sweet Promises' bakery is making us a yummy delicious cake. Mike was on it with THAT appointment! LOL!!!! I like cake. I'm convinced we should go on cake tastings every other week. YUM! Her prices were extremely reasonable (very competitive), the cake was insanely tasty, the only hang up is that by the time I contacted her she had a cake scheduled that day. So she can't deliver. But we're working that out.


  • We went by Lake Junaluska!! :drool: It really is a beautiful site. They do have some issues with certain places being stuck in 1960. They need some upgrades. But The Colonnade is gawjusss!!! Oh, wait! They have tricky photog!! That's why I knew we had to get down there! Down by the lake is amazing. However they don't make it easy to see that facing the Colonnade...right where they took the pic...is the road! That's going to blow if there's a lot of street traffic. 
  • This weekend we've got a lot of stuff to get done. And (very exciting!!) we're going to try to find Mike's band. I'm so excited! And I've totally been good about not trying mine on!
  • The Dollar Tree rocks! I want to try to make the butonnaire (how in the hell do you pronounce that?!/ Shakese!!!!!!!). I'm going to practice on some bootleg silks. But they had the floral tape and wire. The tape was $1 at WM but the wire was $2 so we done good. I got some simple cylinder vases as the begining of centerpieces. And 8 yds of 6" wide tulle! For a dollar!! At JoAnn, the 6" (really it was 5.75" I think) but it was $5.99 and was 25 yds. So we got 24 yds for 3 bucks! I like that!! I have my eye set on a specific ribbon and WM didn't have it. I'm going to price compare JoAnn and Michael's. Plus I just got a 15% off everything at Michaels! wooohooo! I think I'll use my off day on Monday to be crafty.
  • I'm thinking about programs (shhhh don't tell my handsome groom!). I have an idea and I really think we can do them for under $15 plus ink. I have to price it and then present my case :)
  • Hmmm...I love my almost husband. A very lot. :-D

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Lies People Tell!

Posted on June 7, 2010 at 11:24 PM Comments comments (1)

People will LIE to you and tell you (especially when you're kids are 3 months apart) that it gets "easier" when they get older. Pish posh!

Crockpot Monday's don't usually prevail during the summer but with me *GASP* working full time, uhmm, yeah. So, yesterday I made sausage calzones and on a whim made tacos too. All of it was gone. I called myself making "extras" so they could have lunch today...yeah right. I also seasoned a big ass man roast. My lovely (greedy) daughter cut up the potatoes for me this afternoon and put them in the crockpot before I got home. When I got in I added the carrots.

I don't know...maybe we shouldn't have eaten immediately after we got back from our bike ride but they ate the ENTIRE DAMN ROAST! I've NEVER seen a big ass  pot roast eaten in one sitting! I didn't even eat any! I had leftover turkey burgers (just the meat, no bread), with potatoes and carrots. There was nothing left. They found every bit of carrot and potato and every scrap of meat. Friggin kids.


Work today was awesome! There are about 20 research participants from schools all over...FAMU, Grambling, UT-Pan Am, Random WI schools, a couple of Community & Technical colleges here...Chemistry, Biochemistry, ChemEng, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Physics, etc...Pretty cool stuff.

So, the people from 'away' get on campus housing and $1000 in travel reimbursement. They get a University meal plan and then...he said they get $315 in FlexDine! FlexDine is the U of M's little student ID card dining package thing...You put money on it and you can use it at campus restaurants. So I said to myself, I said "Self"...you should get FlexDine too! And I sent him an email and BAM! $315 for food! Woohooooo!!!!! Then he said if I run out before the end he can probably get me more money. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Also, considering they get travel expenses reimbursed, I'm going to see if I can get the $97 for my summer bus pass reimbursed...I mean, why not?

I found out we're getting our first stipend payment this Friday! WOOOHOOO! After that, I went right into the lab and began working again. LOL! Hau Nan does not seem to understand that my 40 hour commitment does NOT equate to 40 hours in the lab. We have a 4 hour seminar/workshop slotted for almost every Wednesday. We have a 2 hour group meeting every Friday. We have writing workshops, Ethics training, Safety training, Public Speaking courses...all sorts of stuff. Dude, EVERYTHING all together will total 40 hours. Okay? No? Too damn bad!



No new news to report. Bek is going to try on Bridesmaid dresses on Thursday. I have to get Mike & the boys to go get fitted before we (hurriedly) drop all the kids off next weekend. Uhmm...Oh, again with me not following up with these two ministers. I am a loser. I really want to ask my aunt if she's ordained to perform weddings (I think she is) and if she wants to *just* be a guest or if she would like to perform the ceremony...but I know she recently got laid off and I'm not even sure they can attend. I wanted to ask her in person but I just haven't been able to find a good weekend to get down there :-/  I'm on it this week. I think.


Posted on June 6, 2010 at 12:01 AM Comments comments (7)

I can't begin to recap anything since I last blogged. Although I have a blog to post about my expanded family, not tonight. Its almost past my bedtime which means deliriousness is coming - soon.

I've killed my hair; I have to get a haircut. I've killed my hair about 713 times in the almost 20 years that I've been messing with it. And luckily, it always grows back. I started this challenge of growing it out (all personal, all a challenge against myself). I, like the average black woman, had been conditioned to believe that you *need* a relaxer every 4-6 weeks when 1) my hair is very fine and really doesn't get too "nappy" except for this patch in the center...that's my soul patch...it gets THICK up in there. 2) my hair actually grows quite slowly and I can easily (without mattiness) go a good 10-12 weeks without needing a touch-up. So, I falsely believed, for many years, that my hair "couldn't" grow. Well, I realized that's ridiculous. Unless you have some medical issue, your hair grows. It's what you do to it once it sprouts that determines if you KEEP it on your head. So, I went with all wet sets and only occasional blow drys. If I wanted to wear it straight I only flat ironed it that first day. The rest of the days I had to make do. Since my hair is fine, it gets greasy quickly and I have to shampoo it every few days. I was on my 4 day schedule for washing and my hair was full and shiny and I loved it. Well, I got lazy and started to let longer amounts of times pass before I shampooed...I was flat ironing in between washes...and I wasn't getting any trims at all. I got a few inches lobbed off and was hoping all was well. BUT, I got lazy again and for a good two months, I was washing, blow drying, and flat ironing once a week. And *poof* my hair is wrecked. The soul patch? Total breakage. Partially due to going so long without a relaxer and then all the manipulation on the dry(er) hair and yuck. My bangs are like 2 inches shorter and not due to any trims :(

I need to let a lot of it go. That doesn't really bother me...its only hair. But I hate to have to "do" my hair and love that I can put it up and away all the time. That's going to stop for awhile (sadface). I love, love, love this haircut. Mike couldn't get past the white/blonde to just looking at the hair. The hair itself is cool. It's a lot of length gone but not resulting in a *short* haircut (as most black women define short).

Foolishness? I got a B in Organic Chem which is awesome. I got a B- in Calc 3 which pissed me off but is still pretty awesome. I had such huge focus on those two and PChem was a b*tch...I got a D. D! Yep. I have to retake it. But not this semester coming up. I have no energy for it. If only I coulda got a C-. Oh, and I failed history. WHO fails history?!? But, the prof claims he never got my 2nd paper. The class had 2 papers and a final. I unwisely assumed that the final carried more weight but no! Each paper was worth 1/3 of the grade. I skipped the first one being lazy and then he said I only got a C+ on the final. I'm a loser. When he's back in July we'll talk about paper 2. I don't give a damn if he gives me a D...as long as I don't fail. For libed courses, a D is satisfactory. For courses in my major I need to earn at least a C-. AARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

My dress will be here next week. I'm uber excited donchaknow. I think I weigh about the same as I did when I decided on it. But I was getting my eyebrows done today :-D

I totally took this picture immediately after typing the sentence and emailed it to myself to upload. I am a bonafied nerd.

Anyways...as I was going in I saw this really cool strapless bra/shaper thing and decided to try it on when I was done. I don't like shaping garments. I always feel LUMPIER (more lumpy?) with a shaping garment on. At first I was thinking...how would I know? But I had on a pretty fitted shirt and figured I'd just try it on under that. Makes sense; right? Well, after nearly breaking my arm to do the snaps and being utterly disgusted by the lumpy figure staring back at me in the mirror, I think it does make a slight difference and creates more of a waistline. But I don't know if it's worth 48 of my hard earned dollars. Hmmmm...



Soo. Uhmm, yeah. It depends on a) if I look lumpy in my dress b) if by the time I take it in for alterations I'm *still* lumpy.

I was going to watch Single White Female tonight but I'm kinda sleepy and I'll just watch Juno.


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The high today was 96. What the hell for? It was so hot. I hate hot. I posted on FB that my ideal weather would be any range from 45 - 75. Maybe 80 if it isn't humid as hell. But I don't like 95 degree weather. There's no good reason for it to be so effin hot. I was sweaty and annoyed. And then Shakese had a softball game today...so we say out in the blazing sun for 90 minutes hot as hell.

I feel kinda sick. Yesterday I had this weird pain in my chest. Well, not like pain, pain. But like a weird ache. And now I'm dizzy, but maybe I'm just sleepy. I shouldn't be awake at 12:41 a.m. I should be asleep. Tomorrow I have to finish my reaction I'm working on. I was all set to leave the lab today by 3 to beat the kids home. Well, when I ran my sample through the rotator/extractor some weird shit happened man. It was all clumpy; it shouldn't be clumpy. We think it's due to all the moisture in the air. At any rate, I asked his ass if we should run it through a filter.  I knew that would not remove all of the NaBr but it would've gotten rid of the bulk of it. So, he had me filtering through this tiny ass 0.45 micrometer filter and that shit took over an hour to get through half of it. So when he sees it's taking forever, he suggests filtering, which removed a boatload of NaBr. I wanted to karate chop him. Long story short I did not leave the lab until after 5. Which meant it was rush hour. I Do.Not.Do.Traffic. I have serious road rage. I get really irritated. Plus the car is all iffy...something funky is going on with the cooling system overall, and the air probably needs servicing before it works. So it was hot as hell. I had to come in and take a shower before we went to the game only to sweat like crazy anyway.

Plus, I stayed up til almost 10 doing Shakese's hair last night. She had bangs and a ponytail. Yeah. Not after 96 degrees plus who-knows-what-the-hell humidity. She came back with an afro puff -- angry thoughts.

I'm sleepy :-/

130 days!!!!

I used to be a fully functioning adult

Posted on May 18, 2010 at 11:01 PM Comments comments (2)

There will not be another non-wedding stuff post until after October 2nd. Well, maybe after November 2nd...I don't know...

So, I used to be real independent and all that foolishness; but not anymore. I just had a hell of a time pushing the mattress back up against the headboard where it's supposed to be. I stood there and waited for Mike to get this small storage bin down so I could find some shorts (shit that I can't fit).

He was giving me a hard time today because he said we can order checks now that I'm officially on the account. I like to pay bills with checks; he likes to use online bill pay. I told him (while out on a date having yummy deliciousness) that I'm converting to his way. I was serious. He gave me a "get the hell outta here" look and I was like...what?? Well, me coming over to his way really consists of me marking the outside of the envelope with an amount and due date and putting it in the paper holder thingy next to the computer. LMAO!!!! I'm going to tackle that online bill payment thing. I will pay the water bill all by myself...

The directer of the REU program asked me if I would consider taking the position full-time. Why yes I will! I will take $4000 tax free dollars (WOOOHOOO more lemonade!!) and research experience, and networking opportunities, and free outings all around the Twin Cities because most are from different Universities.

I registered for a shitload of classes next semester. My advisor tried to get me to take Physical Chemistry II. I had enrolled for it. The course plan for ChemE has it listed in the final semester of senior year. I dropped it - quickly. I'm taking OChem II, Calc IV (my last calc class!!), Chem Engineering; Material & Energy Balances (??), Evolution & Biology of Sex (I hate biology with a deep searing passion and refuse to take gen bio. This satisfies my biological sciences lib ed requirement....and it actually sounds interesting)

Biol 1003, THE EVOLUTION AND BIOLOGY OF SEX examines evolution of sexual reproduction, genetics and biology of sex determination, sexual selection, human reproduction, disease transmission, the biology of love, human behavior, overpopulationand resource depletion. In both lecture and laboratory, you will explore what sex can teach us about ourselves by using scientific reasoning, articulation of testable hypotheses, and scientific data analysis. At the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of how sex affects our lives and be prepared to continue to learn about this fascinating topic.

And.......I'm taking Intro Guitar! LOL!!! I've always wanted to learn to play guitar and piano. I said to myself...I said self...check to see if it's offered on campus! At the U, you pay a flat tuition rate for "full time"; which is 13 credits. Anything beyond 13 credits is free. Ambitious students use this to take tons of required classes, thus shortening their stint at the U. I use it to do fun stuff like tennis and guitar. This past semester I was trying to take Yoga but it met at like 6 a.m. and that is NOT me. I have to find me a nice, cheap, acoustic guitar over the summer.

Hmmm, wedding stuff...I may have a lead on an affordable cake. My mom has a sister in the Mosque who is a baker and offered to bake it...but then we (or someone) would have to transport it from Charlotte and I don't want anyone to have to transport a cake for 2 hours in a car. So I'm looking at bakeries in Asheville. One place said they are completely booked for the month of October. WTF?!? The entire month? Yeah, Okay. But I did find another small, family owned bakery with good prices. When we're there next month we'll do a tasting and see if they are "it". Otherwise we may roll with the WalMart wedding cake. Hey, WalMarket makes GOOD cakes! As does Sam's...

I bought Thank You cards the other day with a 50% coupon from Michael's and thus paid $5.00 for them. That made me happy. They match our invites too! I have 2 more 50% off coupons that expire Saturday. We aren't doing favors (I don't think) and we aren't doing programs. I have to figure out what other "bigger" item we can use it for. I was looking at guest books but they all look lame. I'm thinking I may pick up some rolls of tulle for decorating the columns and what not. Like here they have sheer something or another...

I'm sure I'll figure out something to save 50% off on...I'm not worried.

I keep losing my curser (sp?) and it's annoying. I'm going to bed now.

I'm a loser!

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It's been a full 10 days since I blogged and we all know there is NO way that I can remembered what has transpired in 10 days! So we'll work backwards.

I have a B- in calculus. That is depressing. Ok, not depressing but it does make me sad. I had an A-/B+ average before the final. So I may have did sucky. If so, it's my own fault. I was being too cocky about Calc and overly focused on Ochem. Plus, the math department is stupid. They change the curve around however they see fit...the Chemistry department is more consistent and more generous. With that said, I think I have a B- in Ochem also. But stupid ole Onestop is down for maintenance until 1:00. Don't they know I'm stalking for my final grades!?!? Towards the end of the week, I was suffering with a) being sick - like majorly sick with wheezing and stuff b) cramps and pms. So, during the PChem final I got all pissed because 2 of the problems were EXACTLY the same as the last year's final. I looked at them but didn't LOOK at them. And guess what?? I started crying. I'm glad I had on a hat and had already been blowing my bugger nose the whole time or else it would have been really troubling! I know it was the pms, fatigue and general crankiness, but still. If I have to retake that class I'm going to be very very angry. All I need is a C-...

I got into the REU program (Research Experience for Undergraduates), that's hosted by the National Science Foundation at different colleges & universities around the country. I didn't even apply!! But the professor that I worked for this semester has all sorts of clout and got me in part time. And it's PAID! Not as nicely as this semester's work was but still...$2000 for 10 weeks of work; at 20 hours a week. Can we say wedding fund?

Last summer, after my position was cancelled (??) I wasn't fired or laid off...just told that Allison changed her mind and wanted to work full time (HUH?). Anyway, after that, I decided to be a lazy bum all summer. This summer I know that I have to work. We have too much going on and I can't afford to slack. Last week the temp agency (I'm like their golden child...I just go out on jobs, I never have to interview or anything anymore so I love them), called me like 3 times. I kept telling them I couldn't work because of finals but I'd be available next week. Now, watch....WATCH they don't have anything next week. Bastards. I guess I wasn't a good candidate for DSW. Maybe they knew there was no way in hell I'd really stay and work there...just enough over the summer to get a little extra cash and a lot of extra shoes. :(

My dress is coming!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! They have an expected date of "end of August". They can give me a more exact date in 2 weeks once the manufacturer confirms. I'm excited!!! I's gettng married for real now! ;-) I love my dress. It's so pretty and sweet and sexy all in one. It's so ME! I have wedding invitations, and thank you's,  and bubbles. I have two 50% coupons now for Michael's so I have to be ready to get something next week! Can't be letting coupons go to waste!  I was scoping out the rolls of tulle. That might be a good bet for decorating the columns and/or other randomness. We're not doing programs and I'm still on the fence about favors. So, we'll see what I can find to use the coupons on!

A friend of mine went with me to try on the dress. She seemed a little slighted when I said I had a maid of honor. Then in the car she said she wouldn't make a good maid of honor. Well, I know that. That's why I didn't ask. She's great and we've never fell out or had any issues...we just aren't as close as we used to be. But hopefully we can hang out more this summer; we'll see.

Oh, back to the dress, the sample was a 12. The first time I tried it on I had on more of a corset type strapless bra-the dress zipped all the way.  And this time I had on a bulkier strapless and she couldn't zip it all the way. She meausured me and said my bust measurement puts me at a 16. I gave her the "are you retarded?" face. The dress I have on is a 12. She didn't say 14...she said 16. I'm telling her, 2 days ago, with a different bra, the dress was able to zip. I'm not going to buy a dress TWO SIZES LARGER. So then she starts in about how bridal runs small. Lady, I don't care about what size it is! If the 20 fits I'll get a 20. But the damn 12 fits. Ugh. It's a ploy for money. Talk you into a big ass dress and you need 1-billllll-ion dollars worth of alterations done. No thank you. Through a message board I noticed a poster in St. Paul and messaged her for a seamstress recommendation and also got a recommendation from a friend. Should cost at least 1/2 that of what the bridal shop charges.

Other than that....

139 days!