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The Lies People Tell!

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People will LIE to you and tell you (especially when you're kids are 3 months apart) that it gets "easier" when they get older. Pish posh!

Crockpot Monday's don't usually prevail during the summer but with me *GASP* working full time, uhmm, yeah. So, yesterday I made sausage calzones and on a whim made tacos too. All of it was gone. I called myself making "extras" so they could have lunch today...yeah right. I also seasoned a big ass man roast. My lovely (greedy) daughter cut up the potatoes for me this afternoon and put them in the crockpot before I got home. When I got in I added the carrots.

I don't know...maybe we shouldn't have eaten immediately after we got back from our bike ride but they ate the ENTIRE DAMN ROAST! I've NEVER seen a big ass  pot roast eaten in one sitting! I didn't even eat any! I had leftover turkey burgers (just the meat, no bread), with potatoes and carrots. There was nothing left. They found every bit of carrot and potato and every scrap of meat. Friggin kids.


Work today was awesome! There are about 20 research participants from schools all over...FAMU, Grambling, UT-Pan Am, Random WI schools, a couple of Community & Technical colleges here...Chemistry, Biochemistry, ChemEng, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Physics, etc...Pretty cool stuff.

So, the people from 'away' get on campus housing and $1000 in travel reimbursement. They get a University meal plan and then...he said they get $315 in FlexDine! FlexDine is the U of M's little student ID card dining package thing...You put money on it and you can use it at campus restaurants. So I said to myself, I said "Self"...you should get FlexDine too! And I sent him an email and BAM! $315 for food! Woohooooo!!!!! Then he said if I run out before the end he can probably get me more money. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Also, considering they get travel expenses reimbursed, I'm going to see if I can get the $97 for my summer bus pass reimbursed...I mean, why not?

I found out we're getting our first stipend payment this Friday! WOOOHOOO! After that, I went right into the lab and began working again. LOL! Hau Nan does not seem to understand that my 40 hour commitment does NOT equate to 40 hours in the lab. We have a 4 hour seminar/workshop slotted for almost every Wednesday. We have a 2 hour group meeting every Friday. We have writing workshops, Ethics training, Safety training, Public Speaking courses...all sorts of stuff. Dude, EVERYTHING all together will total 40 hours. Okay? No? Too damn bad!



No new news to report. Bek is going to try on Bridesmaid dresses on Thursday. I have to get Mike & the boys to go get fitted before we (hurriedly) drop all the kids off next weekend. Uhmm...Oh, again with me not following up with these two ministers. I am a loser. I really want to ask my aunt if she's ordained to perform weddings (I think she is) and if she wants to *just* be a guest or if she would like to perform the ceremony...but I know she recently got laid off and I'm not even sure they can attend. I wanted to ask her in person but I just haven't been able to find a good weekend to get down there :-/  I'm on it this week. I think.

I used to be a fully functioning adult

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There will not be another non-wedding stuff post until after October 2nd. Well, maybe after November 2nd...I don't know...

So, I used to be real independent and all that foolishness; but not anymore. I just had a hell of a time pushing the mattress back up against the headboard where it's supposed to be. I stood there and waited for Mike to get this small storage bin down so I could find some shorts (shit that I can't fit).

He was giving me a hard time today because he said we can order checks now that I'm officially on the account. I like to pay bills with checks; he likes to use online bill pay. I told him (while out on a date having yummy deliciousness) that I'm converting to his way. I was serious. He gave me a "get the hell outta here" look and I was like...what?? Well, me coming over to his way really consists of me marking the outside of the envelope with an amount and due date and putting it in the paper holder thingy next to the computer. LMAO!!!! I'm going to tackle that online bill payment thing. I will pay the water bill all by myself...

The directer of the REU program asked me if I would consider taking the position full-time. Why yes I will! I will take $4000 tax free dollars (WOOOHOOO more lemonade!!) and research experience, and networking opportunities, and free outings all around the Twin Cities because most are from different Universities.

I registered for a shitload of classes next semester. My advisor tried to get me to take Physical Chemistry II. I had enrolled for it. The course plan for ChemE has it listed in the final semester of senior year. I dropped it - quickly. I'm taking OChem II, Calc IV (my last calc class!!), Chem Engineering; Material & Energy Balances (??), Evolution & Biology of Sex (I hate biology with a deep searing passion and refuse to take gen bio. This satisfies my biological sciences lib ed requirement....and it actually sounds interesting)

Biol 1003, THE EVOLUTION AND BIOLOGY OF SEX examines evolution of sexual reproduction, genetics and biology of sex determination, sexual selection, human reproduction, disease transmission, the biology of love, human behavior, overpopulationand resource depletion. In both lecture and laboratory, you will explore what sex can teach us about ourselves by using scientific reasoning, articulation of testable hypotheses, and scientific data analysis. At the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of how sex affects our lives and be prepared to continue to learn about this fascinating topic.

And.......I'm taking Intro Guitar! LOL!!! I've always wanted to learn to play guitar and piano. I said to myself...I said self...check to see if it's offered on campus! At the U, you pay a flat tuition rate for "full time"; which is 13 credits. Anything beyond 13 credits is free. Ambitious students use this to take tons of required classes, thus shortening their stint at the U. I use it to do fun stuff like tennis and guitar. This past semester I was trying to take Yoga but it met at like 6 a.m. and that is NOT me. I have to find me a nice, cheap, acoustic guitar over the summer.

Hmmm, wedding stuff...I may have a lead on an affordable cake. My mom has a sister in the Mosque who is a baker and offered to bake it...but then we (or someone) would have to transport it from Charlotte and I don't want anyone to have to transport a cake for 2 hours in a car. So I'm looking at bakeries in Asheville. One place said they are completely booked for the month of October. WTF?!? The entire month? Yeah, Okay. But I did find another small, family owned bakery with good prices. When we're there next month we'll do a tasting and see if they are "it". Otherwise we may roll with the WalMart wedding cake. Hey, WalMarket makes GOOD cakes! As does Sam's...

I bought Thank You cards the other day with a 50% coupon from Michael's and thus paid $5.00 for them. That made me happy. They match our invites too! I have 2 more 50% off coupons that expire Saturday. We aren't doing favors (I don't think) and we aren't doing programs. I have to figure out what other "bigger" item we can use it for. I was looking at guest books but they all look lame. I'm thinking I may pick up some rolls of tulle for decorating the columns and what not. Like here they have sheer something or another...

I'm sure I'll figure out something to save 50% off on...I'm not worried.

I keep losing my curser (sp?) and it's annoying. I'm going to bed now.

I'm a loser!

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It's been a full 10 days since I blogged and we all know there is NO way that I can remembered what has transpired in 10 days! So we'll work backwards.

I have a B- in calculus. That is depressing. Ok, not depressing but it does make me sad. I had an A-/B+ average before the final. So I may have did sucky. If so, it's my own fault. I was being too cocky about Calc and overly focused on Ochem. Plus, the math department is stupid. They change the curve around however they see fit...the Chemistry department is more consistent and more generous. With that said, I think I have a B- in Ochem also. But stupid ole Onestop is down for maintenance until 1:00. Don't they know I'm stalking for my final grades!?!? Towards the end of the week, I was suffering with a) being sick - like majorly sick with wheezing and stuff b) cramps and pms. So, during the PChem final I got all pissed because 2 of the problems were EXACTLY the same as the last year's final. I looked at them but didn't LOOK at them. And guess what?? I started crying. I'm glad I had on a hat and had already been blowing my bugger nose the whole time or else it would have been really troubling! I know it was the pms, fatigue and general crankiness, but still. If I have to retake that class I'm going to be very very angry. All I need is a C-...

I got into the REU program (Research Experience for Undergraduates), that's hosted by the National Science Foundation at different colleges & universities around the country. I didn't even apply!! But the professor that I worked for this semester has all sorts of clout and got me in part time. And it's PAID! Not as nicely as this semester's work was but still...$2000 for 10 weeks of work; at 20 hours a week. Can we say wedding fund?

Last summer, after my position was cancelled (??) I wasn't fired or laid off...just told that Allison changed her mind and wanted to work full time (HUH?). Anyway, after that, I decided to be a lazy bum all summer. This summer I know that I have to work. We have too much going on and I can't afford to slack. Last week the temp agency (I'm like their golden child...I just go out on jobs, I never have to interview or anything anymore so I love them), called me like 3 times. I kept telling them I couldn't work because of finals but I'd be available next week. Now, watch....WATCH they don't have anything next week. Bastards. I guess I wasn't a good candidate for DSW. Maybe they knew there was no way in hell I'd really stay and work there...just enough over the summer to get a little extra cash and a lot of extra shoes. :(

My dress is coming!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! They have an expected date of "end of August". They can give me a more exact date in 2 weeks once the manufacturer confirms. I'm excited!!! I's gettng married for real now! ;-) I love my dress. It's so pretty and sweet and sexy all in one. It's so ME! I have wedding invitations, and thank you's,  and bubbles. I have two 50% coupons now for Michael's so I have to be ready to get something next week! Can't be letting coupons go to waste!  I was scoping out the rolls of tulle. That might be a good bet for decorating the columns and/or other randomness. We're not doing programs and I'm still on the fence about favors. So, we'll see what I can find to use the coupons on!

A friend of mine went with me to try on the dress. She seemed a little slighted when I said I had a maid of honor. Then in the car she said she wouldn't make a good maid of honor. Well, I know that. That's why I didn't ask. She's great and we've never fell out or had any issues...we just aren't as close as we used to be. But hopefully we can hang out more this summer; we'll see.

Oh, back to the dress, the sample was a 12. The first time I tried it on I had on more of a corset type strapless bra-the dress zipped all the way.  And this time I had on a bulkier strapless and she couldn't zip it all the way. She meausured me and said my bust measurement puts me at a 16. I gave her the "are you retarded?" face. The dress I have on is a 12. She didn't say 14...she said 16. I'm telling her, 2 days ago, with a different bra, the dress was able to zip. I'm not going to buy a dress TWO SIZES LARGER. So then she starts in about how bridal runs small. Lady, I don't care about what size it is! If the 20 fits I'll get a 20. But the damn 12 fits. Ugh. It's a ploy for money. Talk you into a big ass dress and you need 1-billllll-ion dollars worth of alterations done. No thank you. Through a message board I noticed a poster in St. Paul and messaged her for a seamstress recommendation and also got a recommendation from a friend. Should cost at least 1/2 that of what the bridal shop charges.

Other than that....

139 days!

It's that time

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Final exams are looming. I have exams on 5/10, 5/12 (at 8 a.m.!), 5/13 and I have a paper due on 5/15.

And in a totally cruel twist of fate, it's also that other time. So between being stressed out about finals

--which stress causes me to stuff my face. Why can't I be like those people who get stressed out and lose 15lbs? Sheesh...

and pms'ing has me really, really wanting to eat. I ate a lot today but tried to keep it very healthy. Lots of protein and fiber (mmmm, fiber), etc. I ate some of my Lindt bite sized truffles -- a great and wondrous invention! A regular Lindt truffle (60% dark chocolate - MMMMMM!) is 70 calories and like 6g fat. And I can eat like 5 of those things before my stomach hurts. The bite sized truffles are about 36 calories and 3g of fat each. So, even though you're still eating around the same # of calories and fat....it's mental trickery.  You get to eat TWO of the bite size truffles!

(This is what happens when you have an unhealthy relationship with food that was masked for many years by a nice, fast metabolism! Damn it 30!)

I'm sleepy. I know I have to get up early tomorrow.  I need to study in the morning. I need to get on campus early to a) do some work in the lab and b) go see my OChem prof. I used to go to his office hours all the time in the beginning of the semester. Somewhere around chapter 6 I slacked off. Mainly cause I didn't give a rats ass about SN2, SN1, E1, and E2 reactions. Well, someone had the bright idea to make all this stuff build on itself...so not knowing that stuff screwed me over big time when it came to chapters 8-10 and I was a complete and utter failure on that midterm exam.

(Has anyone noticed that the dock on the Mac is reflective?)


What's a blog without WEDDING STUFF!?

Do you see the ticker? There are 155 days until I become Mrs. MRS! WOooohooooOO!!!!!! :-D

The save the date's went out Tuesday and the Post Office must be trying to redeem themselves because people starting receiving them today. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I carry one with me and frequently look at it and get all misty eyed...

My handsome groom (MHG) posted a very funny blog post on our website. He's such a stinker. He "doesn't know HOW long that website has been up" LOL!!! I love his sense of humor. :sigh: he's THE BEST.

I think I'm going to buy my dress this month (well, May). I got my $300 back that I screwed up on last month. First I have to make sure I have a summer job in the bag.

Ahhhh, and I'm obsessed with flowers. And a cake. I like cake. A lot. Cake is yummy & delicious. I don't typically like wedding cakes because they're dry and not yummy & delicious. I decided against traditional oober tiered fondant covered stuff. And MHG loves cake and wants the cake to be GOOD. So I've heard generally positive things about wedding cakes from WalMart Supercenter. I luuuuuuv Sams Club cakes so...Their 3 tiered cake is $138 which isn't bad but I still think that's a lot of money for *cake*. Also, one of the sisters at my mom's Mosque is a baker (baker??). She's asking her about making the cake. Otherwise, I'll get a yummy delicious sheet cake filled with yummy deliciousness and to hell with anyone who complains that it isn't a "wedding cake".

And what's up with this grooms cake? I had never heard of that until recently!? Maybe I'm just clueless. I wonder if MHG will get a grooms cake? Also, who in the hell wants to eat year old frozen cake? Did you?? Just curious....

Calla lilies are my favorite. And their beautiful. And I want to incorporate them.

155 DAYS!

What's today?

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Yesterday, Shakese and I went dress shopping!!! WOOOOOHOOO!!!! I can't post pics here because the fiance can't see 'em! I did describe them though :) But he's a man! He doesn't know what rouching and pick-ups and cathedral train means!!!!

(I started this on Sunday and am finishing it Monday night. Man, I've been busy!)

We took the bus downtown, which is about 20 minutes from the park & ride. We had to walk a few blocks (Minneapolis wants to be a big city so badly, that they've started having the express buses stop at every other street. Downtown Mpls is like 12 blocks long...seriously). Anywho, we went to Target, found her a jacket, which she needed, and to kill a little time before the appointment.

When we got there, she was so excited to see all of the dresses :) You are allowed up to 4 dresses in your fitting room at a time. The consultant asked if I wanted to "stay within a pricepoint" or "just try on dresses". Well...I don't want to fall in love with some $2,000 dress so uhm...I don't want to spend over $500 lady (and really closer to $350~$400 with the rest going to alterations) - which I told her my budget was $1,000 because I figured if I fell in love with a dress that was say...$850, I could find it cheaper online.

So, the three of us set off to pull dresses. Shakese was picking OOBER crystalized dresses! She was finding stuff with all sorts of random ass rhinestones and beading and other shenanigans! I tried to humor her with some of them, like the dress with the horrid sheer sleeves - ACK! Some were too big - as in Cinderally ball-gown big. Some were toooooo showy - as in my boobs are kinda big for the rest of me and I don't want to give everyone a show. I tried on 2 dresses that I had found, printed, and pasted in my book. One was 'ok' but the designers "ivory" was really, really white. And it must not have been a silk organza because it was itchy. The other was one of the contenders. I felt very classy & elegant in that one. Very fashion forward. The other contender - OMG! I tried that one on with a veil and really felt like a bride. I was standing in the big mirror trying to imagine his reaction to seeing me in that dress. <> AND, Shakese pulled that one off the rack - go figure.

Afterwards, we went to Panera and had yummy deliciousness. Then we walked over to the bus stop where she was overly excited to pay her $.75 :) A great day.


Sunday, I was very unhappy to NOT find a swim cap for the girl. I washed, blow dried, and flat ironed her hair like uhmm, Tuesday night (I think). I did the best I could, I put it in two french braids and sent her on her way. She really though she was going to come home and be able to "wear her hair down" to school on Monday - riiiiight.

Plus the car is broken. Stupid cars. A water pump. After replacing the radiator not too long ago. $340. That's my dress money! ;-) It's okay, that's how it goes.


I have my first final exam 4 weeks from today. May 13th is my last final. I need a friggin job this summer. NO!! What I need is a FREAKIN DECISION FROM ONE OF THESE SCHOOLS!!!!! aarrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! RANT! RANT! RANT!

Sheesh. Plus, I have an OChem exam on Monday and a Calc exam in 2 weeks (yes, 2 weeks before the final exam is a 'midterm' exam - retarded).

La Vida Ocupada

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First and foremost, I got a 90 on my Calc exam! wooooohoooooooooo!!!!  :)

Tomorrow, I have my second (and last before the final) exam for PChem. Boooooo!!!!! :(

I went to the dentist today. I love going to the dentist. I love my teeth being perfectly clean and sparkly and smooth. Yay dentist! I don't like the polishing part, that stuff feels weird.  And I hate when they're clawing at your teeth with the pik! It sounds like they're ripping them from your gums!! But then, I love the rinse and suction tube. That tube is awesome! Plus, you make out like a bandit when you leave the dentist!!!

I've been working out and am down to 167.3 last time I weighed in. That's 2.6 lbs since I really, really made it official. Today, I did a full body weight workout and my metabolism was racing for the next 4 or 5 hours.

Tomorrow is March 31st. I am supposed to renew my lease tomorrow or give notice to vacate. However, I have not a clue where I am going. I still don't have a decision from GA Tech or either of the IL schools. Bastards. Going to find out tomorrow if we can do a 3 month lease that carries through August 31st. That's the plan, stan.

Studying for my PChem exam has been suckish at best. And at 8:20 I was all frustrated and needed a drink. Well, you know MN liquor stores close at 8 pm on the weekdays (10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and we're "dry" on Sunday - no liquor!) There are a few stores here and there that are allowed to stay open until 9 or 10 on the weekdays, and thankfully, one is near me. After a nice, cold Amstel light and a Malibu/pineapple orange juice cocktail, I'm feeling just fiiiiine. LOL! Plus Mike promised to make pancakes in the morning. Yep. It's all good now.

I have a stupid mole on my forehead. It's new and it protrudes - a lot - and it hurts because I keep accidentally touching it or brushing across it. I was going to try to see Shakese's dermatologist when she goes back in May, but I don't think I can wait that long. They need to remove this thing! Maybe I can use the laser in the lab and do it myself?? No?? Okay....

Today I felt like a pro in the lab. I did not make any weird mistakes getting my samples set in the vaccum oven. I was very proud of myself.

Now, I hear M whimpering and I should probably go and figure out why.


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One day, Bek mentioned making some yummy deliciousness that was jumbo stuffed shells. I had her send me the recipe. It was many many months before I attempted to make them, and when I finally did, I did so with crab cakes -- all first time recipes. It was a good dinner, but I knew I could do better. (I like to do better. As a matter of fact, I think I can do better at everything, all the time). Tonight, I made a peppercorn pork tenderloin and it was cooked to perfection! I also made the shells again and boy-oh-boy!!!! They were sooooo good!!! When I made the crabcakes, my baby got hooked on the sauce I made to go with them. He discovered the sauce and shells were excellent together. And really, he thinks the sauce is good on all things in the vicinity of the sauce on his plate. I was so stuffed but could only think about getting just another taste. Yummmmmm!

Today, I stopped at Cub and walked past the floral section. I was instantly reminded of childhood and my mom. She would bring flowers for my sister and I every payday. I was always so excited for those Friday's and to see what she came up with. I think I'm going to try to do the same with Kese. I got her a super-colorful bunch too. It suits her personality. We decided we would do a minimum of 1 hour a day, 3 days of week of pure mama/daughter time. Like playing with the Harumika dolls (super fun), playing Rock Band, doing artisitc things, etc. Tomorrow, we're going to do a project. She wants to stain a piece of wood - why not!? We'll go to Michael's and grab something and hit Menard's for some stain.

Tomorrow, we're going to the fake community center. It's kind of a separate structure that the Hopkins High School uses for their gym, etc. But, they have the courts, the track, and a weight room. And as a college student, I get an annual membership for $32. That is definitely in our budget! I'm going to start working out Tuesday and Thursday mornings plus either Saturday or Sunday. Maybe a little on both, who knows, depends on how our weekend shapes up. I will also be back on my yoga/pilates tip. Yoga & Pilates is the truth!.

Oh yeah, the kids are starting swimming lessons on Sunday. 9 weeks of lessons, for free. I find ways man...The director of the student parent center at school wrote a fabulous letter of recommendation for me. Full scholarships on the fee. I like it. Shakese has to start at the beginners level...she will probably be in there with a bunch of 4 year olds. I hope she gives it a real chance. MJ is a couple levels above her. He's not afraid of the water (she is), plus he can do some basic stuff; he just can't do any sustained swimming. He needs to learn technique and form.

There's been some family stuff going on and as usual, I'm the go-to. I *don't* mind it...as much...I just get agitated when, I get all these calls and messages about what's going on with everybody else. A "how are you" here and there would be kinda nice.


Uhmm, yeah. I've been waiting for Spring Break since January 23rd or so...(the semester began Jan 20th). However, as much as I love my hooligan kids, I was really not happy to see that they are out of school the Thursday/Friday that ends my spring break. :-/ Scam. I want my money back...

Super Speedy Weekends...

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This weekend was as crazy as I expected; and as expected, I was expecting far too much from myself.


I honestly can't recall Friday. I just don't know what happened on Friday; it was a long time ago.

Saturday morning Shakese had a sort of mini-tourney for basketball. She had to be there at 8:30 with games from 9 - 10:30. ::snooze:: She is hilarious. She walks flat-footed, like a duck. Well, that's how she was running the court too. :) It was cute and fun.


Ooh! I just remembered part of Friday! I had to go talk with Kese's teacher. Shakese doesn't like her, which is fine, but she needs to understand that not liking her doesn't mean she can disrespect her. Shakese is a true Virgo. She is patient and helpful with people who she views as uncapable or unable. BUT, if you don't know or aren't doing what she thinks you SHOULD know how to do?! Its a wrap! She has zero tolerance for you. Her teacher is a scatterbrain. She's very disorganized. I know Shakese; this means she wrote her off immediately...'You're the teacher, you're supposed to have it together'. So we talked through everything, I tried to put it in the context of surviving the next 3 months...while also reminding her that come 7th grade, she's going to be dealing with easily 6-8 teachers a day and I can guarantee she won't like them all. We'll see how it goes.


Soooo what else? Oh, my nieces & nephew were supposed to stay over Saturday night but didn't make it. My sister and the two youngest came over Sunday morning and we all hung out. Mehki tried to eat all of our fruit. He took a bag of chips and dumped them on the carpet, and proceeded to pick up handfuls of chips to enjoy.

Same with the fruitloops. Having them in a baggie was too much I suppose, he dumped them out and ate them off the floor. Toddlers are nasty. LOL!


Both kids had tryouts for softball/baseball on Sunday. MJ has 2 more times to go so I skipped his. Both of these guys are athletes. We're going to assume that came from Papa & Uncle because neither their father nor I have any athletic ability. I'm excited for Kese to try some sports. Not to negate her interest in the arts; I value those the same. But the comraderie & flexibility required for team sports is important. Plus, there's more scholarship oppurtunity. She's multi-talented, let's take advantage man!


Ooh! I remembered something else about Friday - I let Crystal @MasterCuts give me a trim. I took about 1 1/2 inches off the back and1/2 inch or so off the sides. I need to get back on my game; I have massive breakage around my hairline - ugh!! The trim was step #1.


Right now I'm sitting in front of the vacuum oven:



My sample is at 500 milli-torr (pressure in the vacuum oven). When it reaches 300 I can go home! Woooohoooooo! I like acetone vs dichloromethane as a cosolvent; it vaporizes MUCH faster :)

Tons of randomness

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First of all, I have about 5 or 6 drafts. I need to finish those things up...

Anyway, I haven't blogged in a few days, and so now my thoughts are jumbled. I'm gonna steal Beks way today.


My Baby

My sweetheart has moved in. At first I was nervously excited. For one, I had to tell Mama y Papa. Yes, I'm 30 yrs old, I'm an adult, I've got near grown ass kids. But this is what happens when you're Papa's girl. Its not approval I was seeking (see above); but it was acceptance. And since they are uber-supportive, they were good about it. I was nervous because its been just the 3 of us for so very long. I was nervous because I'm so accustomed to being in charge of everything. I was nervous because I don't HOW to relinquish control - or so I thought. ;-) So after we worked through those things, the excitement took over. And then, THEN, the real issues came up. I have to share closet space. I really tried to free up 1/2 of the closet. Errr, no go. But I tried! :) And today I'm going to clean out the bootleg drawer in the bathroom. Ok, really, it's no different from the other drawer...same dimensions, etc. However, It is closest to the wall/door and is just akward to get in/out of. I've been using it for makeup and stuff; things I don't use very often. He's a good sport about it though! :)


The Lab

So, Hau Nan is speaking to me again. I started a new experiment last Tuesday. The issue is, phase 1 takes about 3 hours, phase 2 maybe 15 minutes and then its left overnight. Phase 3 takes another 2 1/2 hours or so. And phase 4 is about 3 or 4 hours. I worked almost 14 hours this week; not cool man. Its too much. I'm supposed to be around 7~8. We're meeting with the professor on Monday. I need to find out points in the process where taking a break won't ruin things. Oh, my experiment failed. My samples were supposed to dissolve at around 120 C. I raised the temp to 135 C (which is 275 F) and a couple of them still weren't dissolved! There were huge chunks of polymer sitting in the vial. And, I kept picking the vials up to examine them. But, duh! They are at 275 degrees and they're glass!!! I kept burning my fingertips. Damn shame.


The kids

MJ is so very bright (they both are really). And he is quite a bit ahead of the class, especially in math. I think this makes him bore easily. He doesn't exactly act out, but he doesn't do what he needs to do. I give him a tiny bit of wiggle room here because I remember being in 5th & 6th grade and those damn kids were so behind, I'd finish my work & be bored.  I STAYED in trouble. Last trimester, he had the best report card ever. Their grading system is E, A, P, N - exceeding, achieving, partially achieving, not achieving. He'd gotten 2 (I think) P's. He has been determined to get all E's and A's. This week he got 100% on his spelling test, science test, and math assessment. And he was so very proud of himself. Report cards come home on the 26th, we'll see :)


Also, M is part of a group for "african-american" boys. --another post for another day, I don't do the "AA" term...we're black-- They all get together with a (black) guy who faciliates, the eduction coordinator for their school, and the counselor. It seems to be a good outlet for them, however he told me about a boy (Jewish) who likes to call the black boys 'niggers'.  When they've complained, the boy has been put in time out. That has been the extent of his discipline for this behavior. I'm going up to the school on Monday.



I've now completed my first exam for each class and I have a paper due Monday for my history class. I got an 82 on my OChem exam which is an A. I think I got at least a 90 on my Calc exam. It was super easy. 7 problems and I finished 6 of them in like...15 minutes. Then I spent a good 25 minutes on 1 problem.  I don't give a rats ass about an alligator population. There were 50 alligators. The population of alligators satisfies the differential equation y' = 0.0001 x^2 (that's x squared) - .01x. How many alligators after 4 months?  Yeah, so I calculated 51. The answer was 49. Bastards. I don't think I'll lose the whole 15 points though. Bleh. And I did horribly on my PChem exam. Ugh. I hope I squeak out at least a 65.


This week is going to be a bit rough for me, but I'm so looking forward to the weekend!


Uber beast mode

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I had my first exam of the semester on Monday. There were 7 problems and I was s-t-u-c-k on #6. I was looking at that question and thinking to myself: "Self. Why would anyone expect you to know this?" Well, with 7 minutes to go, I looked over the entire exam again and when I left out I thought "I got an 85 on that test which should be good for a B+/A-". On Wednesday, I checked the site and saw that I had an 82 and I felt pretty darn good. Today I found out that the average on the exam was a 67 and with the curve, the A cutoff was a 78. So my 82 is a solid A. I like it!

I have two exams on Wednesday, 2/17 for P-Chem and Calc. Its hard to say for the other chem class because we don't really do anything. He runs around all crazy like for 50 minutes (more like 55 because he ALWAYS goes over time). I do my homework but it's like...whatever. His past exam looks like a reincarnation of homework problems. I don't particularly care for that style of 'teaching' but, hey, it's okay. P-Chem aka Physical Chemistry aka Thermodynamics is a combination of Physics and Chemistry so it's mostly review - technically. LOL!

I think the fact that my scale got broken (thanks MJ - I know it was the boy...) coupled with the fact that M-F is all about comfort (i.e., I hardly wear "real" clothes) and I had no clue how much weight I'd gained. Well, a few weeks ago, I bought a new scale.  And when I got on it, that damn thing displayed something along the lines of 170.2 or something ridiculous. Y-I-K-E-S! So that first week I was "aware" and then at the end of that week and ever since, the damn thing has read 166.8. 166.8. 166.8. I mean, seriously! Helllloooooooo in there little mr. mean scale man!!! Today it said 165.1. Ok. Fine. I need to pull it together. I'm working on it.

I got my eyebrows done! My baby took me to get them done by Bronya! WOOOOHOOO!!!! Ok, so he probably didn't want to hear me go into yet another whining fit about how some woman jacked my eyebrows up and how horrible it's going to be waiting til they can get fixed. She had to overcome the BS that Heidi did to me and they aren't "perfect" like she'd normally make them...but they  look pretty damn good. :lol:

We have a date tomorrow!!!!! I'm super excited! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!